Video: Guy Martin, a chopper, a flat track race

What’s your favourite recipe for fun? Here at CMG, we know you can always count on Guy Martin and flat track racing … and if you throw a bunch of crazy choppers into the mix, and former WSB champ Neil Hodgson, well, you’ve got a real party going on.

That video above is a clip from the Guy Martin Proper YouTube channel, posted earlier this month but actually from the 2018 DirtQuake flat track event. Highlights of the race include:

  • Popeye (or maybe it’s a rider dressed as Popeye?) laying down hot laps
  • IOMTT racer Guy Martin (and his indecipherable accent) showing up on a ridiculous stretched chopper
  • Some sort of weirdo chopper made from a two-stroke Yamaha enduro bike
  • And, ex-World Superbike champ (along with rides in British Superbike, AMA and MotoGP) Neil Hodgson. Alas, Hodgson appears to be cheekily sneaking in a pretty-much-stock Virago into this race—racing a Virago is no mean feat, but it’s not on the same level as a full-blown ’70s style chopper

Watch until the end—it’s only six minutes long—then ask yourself: Why can’t we do stuff like this here in Canada? Say, taking advantage of our potential for ice racing? Or maybe mixing ridiculous choppers, costumes and studded ice tires might be a bad idea … nevertheless, it’s been a few years now since the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally shut down, and while that was a very understandable business decision, it’s time for someone to bring the fun back to our moto scene. Maybe, if we can avoid more lockdowns and restrictions, someone can bring the MBSR back?

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