New PUROS motorcycle helmet: A new take on “clean air”

Photo: Shellios

If you’ve been around the motorcycle scene for a while, you’ve probably heard the term “clean air.” Usually, it’s talking about a motorcycle that has a fairing/windscreen with little or no turbulence behind it.

Indian helmet manufacturer Shellios is taking a different approach to the term, with the new Puros full-face. In this case, “clean air” means literally just that—the PUROS has a built-in HEPA air filter. It’s supposed to reduce more than 80 percent of airborne pollutants.

For some of us, that might sound a bit odd or even silly, but Shellios is based in India, where dusty roads and smog are a way of life. The PUROS’ built-in filter scrubs the air you breathe, and should make for a better riding experience. If you’re worried that might leave the helmet stuffy inside, worry not. Shellios has a blower fan (rechargeable LiON battery) forcing air through the helmet. This is supposed to cut down on visor fogging as well.

The helmet shell itself is made of fiberglass, and the helmet meets India’s BIS certification, but not DOT or Snell or anything like that. It’s only available in size large or medium, and in India, pricing is roughly equivalent to $75 CAD—and that price includes shipping in-country.

No doubt a motivated Canadian could figure out how to get one shipped to Canada, if they wanted it badly enough. Why would you want one? If your city has a lot of polluted air, or if you’re tired of allergies during hay fever season, or if you live in an area with a lot of forest fires, or … you get the idea. Naturally, you’d be taking your chances with law enforcement, considering these are not certified to Canadian legal safety standards …

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