Ducati, Lamborghini team up for new Streetfighter V4 special edition

Photo: Ducati

Ducati builds a premium product, with premium pricing to match. Lamborghini builds an even-more premium product, with even higher pricing to go with. And, both companies are now owned by the Volkswagen Group—so why not pull the ol’ classic trick of a collaborative special edition?

Many readers will remember that Lamborghini and Ducati did this exact trick before, back in 2020, when they worked together on a special-edition release of the Diavel 1260. They’re back at it again for 2023, releasing the Ducati Streetfighter V4 Lamborghini Edition.

Like the earlier Diavel special edition, this Streetfighter V4 is pretty much the same as the standard model, mechanically speaking. There’s an Akrapovic muffler, which might boost output as high as 220 horsepower, if this machine is tuned similar to the standard Streetfighter V4 (which makes 208 horsepower in standard form, but can easily pick up a dozen ponies with a new exhaust and some re-tuning). From what we understand, Ducati used similar electronics, brakes and suspension for this machine as it did on the standard model.

From Bologna, with love … and a lot of Lamborghini styling influence. Photo: Ducati

However, the bodywork looks a lot different. That seat? Styled to look like the seating in the Lamborghini Huracán STO supercar. The paint? An obvious riff on the Lambo’s graphics and colours. The wheels? Even those rims are machined to look like the supercar’s wheels.

Should you buy this bike, Ducati is even working with Arai and Dainese to ensure you can get a colour-matched helmet and leathers. No self-respecting Special Edition buyer would be caught without such amenities!

Speaking of which: Just how Special is this Edition? Ducati says it is only making 630 of the Lamborghini-themed Streetfighter V4 machines. Then, there is an extra-Special run of 63 bikes made in conjunction with the Ducati Style Center, if you find the regular Lamborghini machine is too common for your liking. Ah, must be nice to be sitting on that much cash. Oh yeah—we haven’t seen a Canadian price tag yet, or availability. But with almost 700 for sale on the global market, no doubt you can get your hands on one, if you’ve got the dough. Ask your local dealer, if you’re all hot and bothered to get one of these machines.

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