Up for auction: 1995 BMW R100GS, still in the box!

In the world of vintage collectibles, there’s nothing better than finding something still in the original box, whether you’re buying GI Joes (Larry Hama era ftw), Barbie dolls, or whatever. But what about vintage motorcycles?

If you want a still-in-the-box vintage bike, you’re in luck—as long as you’ve got lots of cash. Online moto auction site Bring a Trailer currently lists a 1995 BMW R100GS PD Classic that is still in the crate—and there’s even a Canadian connection!

This bike is currently for sale by Moto Bogatoro, a Brooklyn, NYC-based dealership that, according to Google, “specializes in vintage European motorcycles sales and restoration.” Looks like this machine won’t need much restoration at all, if it’s left in the crate, and that’s probably what most owners will do.

Even if it was on the street, this bike would attract lots of auction interest, as it’s a limited-edition PD Classic model coming in towards the end of the R100 GS production run. But like this, in the crate—there aren’t many like this in the world, if any.

Why did it spend so long in the crate? Apparently, when the machine came into Canada in ’95, it went to Blackfoot in Calgary and then sat there until late last fall or early this winter, upon which it went to New York. There’s paperwork from Blackfoot confirming this story, but no explanation as to why this machine was never ridden. It’s not unheard-of; stories like this do pop up occasionally, but rarely for a bike like this BMW, which is of the general ride-hard-put-away-wet category. The kid-glove treatment is usually reserved for… finer machines, with sleek lines and a sporting nature.

Although, in retrospect, if there was a conscious decision to crate this bike and hang on to it, it was very clever, as any bike that’s intended for unpaved surfaces will inevitably end up beat-up, making this stand out even more.

Currently, the auction sits over $40,000 USD, and is climbing higher. Check out dozens of photos and other deets at the Bring a Trailer website here.

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