Rob Harris: CMG Life in photos

Rob takes advantage of loose US helmet laws for an old-school ride on Daytona Beach.

Five years ago today, on May 14, 2016, CMG founder/owner/publisher/editor-in-chief Rob Harris died in a motorcycle crash in Ontario. Shortly after that, we ran these photos of life with Rob, working on various CMG projects. Here they are, again, the highs and lows of CMG life with Editor ‘Arris. We still miss you, matey.– Ed.

From snaps of track days, to the beginnings of the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, to the time Rob and crew went out west to challenge the Numb Bum mid-winter ice race aboard a scooter, to multiple failed attempts at the Paris-Dacre rally, to his fall tours (an annual tradition for many years), to general madness and mayhem (much of it occurring on the trails, with a flat tire or water crossing involved), these photos give you a pretty good idea of what “CMG Life” was all about.

Some of these photos go back to the days when consumer digital cameras and Internet technology were in their infancy, so the resolution is fuzzy. Some have captions, some don’t, but if you were there at the time, you’ll remember the stories.


Check out all the pics that go with this story!


  1. Yeah, your efforts here in putting this together are a testimony to just how much you love him. So very tragic. I was looking fwd to making Rob’s acquaintance here in NB this coming summer… Words are so damned inadequate at a time like this but they are all that we have. I could sound-off w/ the usual platitudes about living like you’re dying, living in the moment, counting your blessings, usual stuff like that. But events like Rob’s too-soon death bring me to a much more basic level & revolves around actually telling your loved ones just how much you really love them. So do it. Call your Dad (or Mom, sister, whoever – they’re your family, not mine!) & get it out there. Let them know just how much he means to you.

    We cannot sit on it & do that tomorrow as we only really have now.

    Rest in peace brother.


  2. Just wanted to say well done to the CMG team for putting these together under such circumstances. An emotional roller coaster of a tribute for many, I’m sure.

  3. Rob was the John Cleese of Canadian motorcycling – witty, self deprecating, not afraid to take chances and an all round good person.
    Its not often you find all those qualities together.
    We miss you, its a pretty big pair of shoes you’ve left behind to fill…

  4. Nice selection of pics, lots of good memories there.
    I was just re-reading some of the original Numb-Bum ice race stories and remembering what a kick it was following the team when they did it.

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