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Photo: Isle of Man TT

The Greatest Motorcycle Race On Earth (well, except for maybe the Dakar Rally or Africa ECO Race) is about to be broadcast around the world, live, for the first time ever—and you can watch. The Isle of Man TT is now offering fans the chance to sign up for its real-time viewing package, ahead of the 2022 races.

It’s all part of a new program the TT started this winter, in partnership with Vimeo. The new TT+ platform is an online viewing platform kinda-sorta like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, but specifically showing the IOMTT’s content. Anything but live racing coverage is free; you can find more details and sign up here.

Now, you can also sign up for the TT Live Pass, which allows you to watch practice and racing streamed online, live. Sign-up is remarkably cheap, considering the infrastructure necessary. For now, the TT live coverage will set you back £14.99 (or whatever that works out to in CAD). Presumably this is not a one-time fee, but will have to be re-upped for every TT event streamed. Still, that’s pretty affordable, and it’s wayyyyy cheaper than a flight to the UK, passage on the ferry, and accommodations and food at the event.

And, you’ll get better coverage than you would, perched on a corner somewhere along the Mountain Course.

It won’t be the same thing, though. The TT has been attracting racers and fans from all over the world since the age of the dinosaurs, and watching it from your living room may be comfortable, but you won’t have the thrill of being surrounded by in-your-face action, the smell of race fuel, the noise of race exhausts and the collective mania of thousands of petrol-heads.

Considering the world we live in these days, though—we should be grateful the TT is running at all this year, after two straight years of cancellations, and this move will allow more people than ever to watch. The TT has wanted to go global for years, and this is its chance!

For more details, visit the TT+ website.


  1. I looked up the site and they break down the fees. Canadians pay $31.99 for the live event, not sure if there are taxes in addition to this cost.

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