New sales tactic in the UK: Free (Honda) motorcycle rides!

Photo: Honda

Ever gone fishing? If so, you know that, from the fish’s perspective, it’s all about the free bait … until they’re on the hook, and it’s too late! Seems Honda’s learned a lesson there, and is applying it to its business model in the UK.

Honda has just announced its new Ride Free program in the UK, getting newbies out on bikes for basic training and moto-fun, all at no cost. It’s aimed to be very user-friendly; the bikes available through the program are the Grom, the Monkey and the CB125F. The program will run through approved Honda dealerships and the Honda School of Motorcycling network, so you’re having fun in a safe environment, not thrown to the wolves in the public roadway. The press release (read it all below) is very big on emphasizing the low-stress, no-pressure environment.

If you participate, not only do you get a free chance to see if riding’s for you, but you also get £50 off the cost of your CBT rider training, if you buy a Honda 125. Then, if you continue to pursue the training towards your full motorcycle licence, Honda will give you £500 off the price of a larger bike (any machine over 125cc).

Sounds like a very decent way to build interest, particularly as the bait in this case is a very fun and easy-to-ride 125. Developing riders through such a non-intimidating program could be a big boost for Honda’s UK moto sales. Would it work here in Canada? We’ve seen similar user-friendly programs in the off-road world, but right now, Honda’s Canadian dealers are probably more worried about getting product to sell, with high demand, than they are about creating new customers.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the UK program, though, because when/if supply chain issues are sorted out, it may be time to try something similar here in Canada!

Press release

Honda launch new ‘Ride Free’ campaign to encourage more people to try riding motorcycles and are offering a free ride to anybody interested

The Ride Free experience aims to introduce as many people as possible to motorcycling through the Honda Dealer and Honda School of Motorcycling network in an enjoyable, informative and no-pressure environment.

Who knows, it could be the start of a two-wheeled journey of a lifetime. And there’s some cash on offer for those that do carry on. All in all, this a fabulous opportunity to try two wheels in a closed, safe area with expert tuition and guidance on hand from an approved trainer.

Key points to know:

  • There’s no catch, the Ride Free day is completely free of charge!
  • Bikes available include the CB125F, Monkey and MSX125 Grom
  • To make next steps easy advice will be available from a training and sales specialist to help a new rider toward a new motorcycle, scooter or full licence
  • There’s also a bonus £50 toward the cost of a CBT on purchase of a new 125cc Honda motorcycle or scooter
  • And a very healthy £500 off a new Honda motorcycle over 125cc if they attain their full licence at a Honda-approved training school

Ride Free is already in operation across the Honda dealer network and there are places ready and waiting to be booked over the coming months right now.

Courses are available across the country and demand from those looking to try life on two wheels for the first time is high so, for more information on locations, dates and to book follow the link below:

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