Help BC racer Daniel Elmore replace his stolen bikes!

Wait, that's not a new Honda 450. Good thing Daniel Elmore (seen here with MX insider Kourtney Lloyd) has been able to ride borrowed machinery down in South Carolina. The crooks also left this YZ behind, so he's still been able to do some training.

Bike theft is always a crappy deal, but for Daniel Elmore, it’s especially rough this time—but thankfully, you can help!

Elmore is a motocross racer from Telkwa, British Columbia (near the town of Smithers, in the province’s northwest). He signed with Sky Racing for last season’s Canadian Triple Crown series, but ended the season as a privateer pro.

While BC has a lot of opportunity for off-road riding, to get proper seat time at a proper MX training facility, Elmore went south, wayyyyyy south—as spring started, he was at Club MX in South Carolina, with plans to train there for a few weeks. He had a couple of new Honda 450s to train on, after all! Until—he didn’t. A recent break-in at Club MX left several riders’ storage areas looted and eight bikes stolen, including Elmore’s new motorcycles.

Bike theft has always been a problem for the moto community, but in the past few years, it seems the supply chain shortages have really increased demand for both new machines and new parts. Criminals now see an opportunity to strip bikes for parts or flip them for a quick buck—remember that massive KTM theft from Montreal last fall?

In Elmore’s case, he’d just purchased the bikes before he left for South Carolina, so he’d barely had a chance to break them in before they were stolen. At least he was able to borrow a machine down there, to keep training, but this is a massive blow to his race plans this season. As such, maybe you’d be interested in helping him out. There’s a GoFundMe started, raising cash to help Elmore get his season back on track. It seems that fundraising is going a bit slow, so no doubt Elmore would appreciate a few bucks, because anything helps!

MX insiders are also starting a gear auction to raise cash for Elmore, but we haven’t heard of that event going live yet—DM @kourtneylloyd on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, or email to donate to that.

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