Kawi backs Canadian Mini Superbike Championship

Photo: Kawasaki

The Canadian Mini Superbike Championship Series (CMSBK) is about to kick off for 2022, and racers participating aboard Kawasakis are now eligible for the Team Green contingency program.

The CMSBK series is a spin-off from the Super Sonic Road Race School, founded by legendary Canadian racer Toni Sharpless. The school focuses on minibike racing as a way to develop young talent; you can read more about the school’s story here, or check out Dustin’s write-up from when he visited the school!

Now, the 2022 CMSBK race season is about to kick off, with a track day on May 6 in Lombardy, Ontario; the first race is scheduled for May 7. Although minibikes are obviously kid-friendly, the races are open to riders aged 5-95; find more details in the CMSBK rulebook here. Information on race classes is here.; the series Facebook page is here.

Take a look through those race classes, and you’ll notice eligibility for a wide range of machines, and Canadian Kawasaki Motors has extended its Team Green contingency program to match. As per Kawi’s press release:

The 2022 Team Green Canada program becomes even more inclusive than ever before with the addition of a new series and discipline to the list of eligible events.

Riders competing in the 2022 Canadian Mini Superbike Championship (CMSBK) can now earn points toward the Canadian Kawasaki Team Green contingency program.

The Team Green program, designed to support Canadian amateur racers in different disciplines, now adds road racing to its roster of eligible classes.

Racers competing on 2019-2022 Kawasaki KLX110R, KLX140R, or on Z125 minimotos in select classes will get a chance to earn contingency points by taking part in the CMSBK series.

Those points allow racers to compete for credits toward Kawasaki Genuine Parts & Accessories as well as the Grand Prize of a brand-new 2023 Kawasaki KX or KLX motorcycle.”

Kawasaki says it will award points for racers riding eligible Kawasaki machines in the Moto 1, Moto 2 or Moto 3 categories, as well as the Sport 1, Sport 2 and Sport 3 categories. They have until May 31 to register—check out teamgreencanada.ca for more deets.

Good news for the minibike series, then, and its racers! No doubt moms and dads will find the idea of buying a “dirt bike” more palateable than a niche mini-GP machine, and Kawi’s extra incentive will make it even more attractive. In Canada, we’ve talked for years about ways to get our representation back on the world racing stage, and this small step forward is a start.

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