FIM announces new Canada/USA MX championship

There’s a new FIM-sanctioned motocross championship in North America, with some other changes in the periphery. It’s only a two-event series, but one of those events will run in Canada.

We had our first hint of some changes to Canada’s current motocross scene in late March, when Jetwerx/MRC/Triple Crown motocross series all split from the MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada) to hitch their wagons to the CMA (Canadian Motorcycle Association). With the CMA having a bit of a strained relationship with the FIM in 2021, why would the MX series move in that direction, and away from the MCC?

Probably partly because of the news that followed. FIM North America has announced a two-race motocross series for 2022, with races at Moto Park in Chatsworth, Ontario on September 10-11 and then High Point Raceway in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania on October 1-2. Here’s the plan:

“Riders will be able race both events with the hopes of earning FIM North America Continental Championship honors. The intent of this championship is to give racers from Canada and the United States a unique opportunity to compete against each other for championship honors, and with events in both the United States and Canada, racers contesting both events have the opportunity to race on foreign and home soil.”

So, if Canadians do well here, then it could be a ticket to racing outside the country, and gaining a lot more recognition. It’s a big opportunity, one that hasn’t been here for years.

The AMA is also backing the series, which will have classes for Supermini, 250 A, Open A, 250 B, Open B, 250 A/B All Star, Open A/B All Star, Vet 30+, Senior 40+ and Women, as well as Support classes and other racing.

Is this also related to the new FIM-managed global Supercross series? Uh, maybe there’s a tie-in. Whatever the case, if the CMA and MCC are able to work together, we may see some dramatic turnarounds in Canadian dirt racing in coming years, with changes like this happening.

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