Yamaha recall

Photo: Yamaha

Recall #: 2022-099
Models Involved: 2021-2022 Yamaha MT-09, Tracer 9 GT
Number of Vehicles: 999
Issue: On certain motorcycles, incorrect programming may cause the engine to stall. This could happen when downshifting (if the clutch lever is not fully pulled in) or when the throttle is opened from idle. Also, the engine warning light may not turn on when a part fails. This problem could also cause the engine warning system to turn on and give limited throttle response.
Safety Risk: A sudden engine stall could increase the risk of a crash. A sudden lack of acceleration could surprise the rider, and in certain situations, could increase the risk of a crash.
Corrective Actions: Yamaha will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your motorcycle to a dealer to update the engine control unit (ECU) software.

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