Honda teases the Hawk 11, again

Honda is reminding its Japanese customers that the Hawk 11 is coming, really soon—errrr, just maybe not for Canadian customers.

After a couple of years of disruption on the Japanese motorcycle show circuit (where all the cool stuff really happens), the Osaka Motorcycle Show is just around the corner. The Osaka show is also known as the Honda Motorcycle Show, which should give you a pretty good idea as to who’s in charge of this event.

Honda says it’s unveiling a new machine at the Osaka show, called the Hawk 11, and it started a somewhat unusual marketing campaign recently, with a quick sneak peek of the bike’s headlight fairing. That was it; no tech specs, no YouTube video, no “spy shots” (something we often see out of Europe, looking more like guerilla marketing than anything).

Now we’ve got another video showing just a bit more of the machine, but—it’s not on YouTube. It’s embedded on what appears to be a corporate sub-site promo-ing the show. There’s no more useful information, although we do get a much better look at the new machine. Since it’s locked to the corporate site, we can’t embed a direct link to Honda, but a YouTuber figured out how to rip the video and post to their own account—see above.

What do we see in the video? A neo-retro cafe racer, which will fit nicely into the CB300R and CB1000R series, if it ever comes to Canada. Honda certainly hasn’t promoted it here yet, or any other market aside from Japan.


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