Supercross going global with new World Series plans

We’re finally about to see a new Supercross series that travels around the world, with FIM certification and backing out of Australia.

For years, the plan was to take the US-based AMA Monster Energy Supercross series to more countries. Canadians might remember when the Supercross series visited here, but aside from that, it never really expanded beyond America’s borders, for a variety of reasons. There were Supercross races in Spain, Holland and Switzerland in the 2002-2006 timespan, but then it became a North America-only series, and then a US-only series. The FIM wanted more than that, and in summer of 2021, organizers announced the AMA series would not renew its international sanctioning agreement with the FIM.

Now, we see the next play: SX Global, an Australian outfit that’s been involved with the FIM Oceania and FIM Supercross World Championship series for years now, is going to organize the new Supercross World Series, with the FIM’s blessing.

The plan is supposedly a five-round series with races all over the world. Although we have not seen a confirmed schedule yet, the dates are not supposed to conflict with the AMA series; organizers of the new global series are likely very hopeful they can attract top riders from the American series to the new worldwide series.

To that end, SX Global is putting down a lot of cash to support teams who want to participate:

“The series will feature a highly exclusive structure, with only 10 team licenses available to independent owners, and an unparalleled level of financial support for teams, including seed funding for every team entering the series, appearance fees at every event, and logistics and freight support throughout the series. In total, more than $50 million has been designated specifically for team and rider support over five years. In addition, the independent ownership model opens the door for significant sponsorship opportunities on global and local-event levels.”

So, it sounds like it may be hard to get into the series, with only 10 teams allowed, but once you’re in, the rewards are high for the racers.

The rewards could be high for the organizers, too. Supercross racing has never been properly developed as a worldwide series, and if SX Global can build a strong, stable structure that attracts top racers and lots of fans, it could finally launch a motorcycle race program that might even challenge MotoGP and World Superbike for popularity. The potential is there, at least, and no doubt both the FIM and SX Global are very keen to try.

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