Keanu Reeves adds two bikes to ARCH Motorcycles lineup

Keanu Reeves has been busy rebooting the Matrix movie series, but his ARCH Motorcycles lineup is also getting sort of a refresh, with two new models added to the lineup.

(Remember, ARCH Motorcycles is actor Keanu Reeves’ personal motorcycle manufacturing company, selling high-spec bikes to the rich and the famous. The machines are sort of an amalgam of muscle bike engine and naked bike chassis, with styling drawing influence from the world of custom V-twins. The KRGT-1, the foundation of his line, is custom-made to the buyer’s specs, so no two are alike … unless, of course, that’s what you specify. Reeves is the money behind the company, and no doubt provides inspiration and feedback, as he’s a very keen rider, but builder and designer Gard Hollinger is responsible for a lot of the hands-on stuff).

For the past few years, ARCH’s lineup was based around the KRGT-1 naked bike (MSRP: $85K USD), but now it’s added the Method 143 and the 1S models, for a total of three machines in the lineup.

The new ARCH Method 143, only coming in very limited numbers. Photo: ARCH

Here’s what ARCH’s website says about the Method 143:

The ARCH Method 143 is the ultimate production motorcycle. Created to realize an ambition of what could be achieved in motorcycle design, and to offer the opportunity for ownership of a motorcycle normally unavailable to the public, a concept… A concept led by the design idea of layers and materials including carbon fiber, aluminum and fine leather. 

Looking at it, you can see this limited-production machine (23 bikes planned) is going to be so expensive that only Keanu Reeves’ Hollywood friends and others in their income bracket will be able to afford it. Too bad, because it sounds fun; the air-cooled 2,343cc V-twin is supposed to make over 165 hp, and more than 150 lb-ft of torque. The bike is expected to weigh 241 kg. Again, it sure looks fun, even if it’s more than a CMG staffer is going to spend on a machine.

The sporty 1S. Flat tracker meets custom meets muscle bike? Sign us up. Photo: ARCH

The 1S seems to be intended for higher production numbers, and comes with sporty flat track styling, updated for the 21st century. It’s still Americana, but made to be flogged at a higher speed, by the look of it. It’s very similar to the KRGT-1, with the same motor (a claimed 115 lb-ft of torque, no posted hp numbers), but also a beefier chassis, mid-mount controls, lighter carbon-fibre bodywork and other pieces. Reportedly it’s about 20 kg lighter than the KRGT-1, so roughly 225 kg. Again, tweaking the bike’s configuration will raise or lower this price.

Want more info? Check out the ARCH website. Careful not to drool on your keyboard!

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