Here’s the 2022 Indian Pursuit!

As predicted, Indian has taken the wraps off a new big-bore tourer based on the PowerPlus engine. The new Indian Pursuit comes with a chassis-mounted fairing, hard luggage, and it’s actually coming as two variants: You can either buy the Indian Pursuit Dark Horse, or the Indian Pursuit Limited.

Both bikes make 122 hp from the liquid-cooled 1768 cc V-twin, and 128 lb-ft of torque. That’s a lot of jam, but you need it to pull the bike, as all that luggage and trim adds up to more than 900 pounds curb weight, says Indian (claimed dry weight is 877 lb). You also need top-shelf brakes for a bike this size, and Indian specs 320 mm front discs with four-piston calipers to slow it all down. Spring for the Premium package, and you add leaning-sensitive ABS and traction control, electronic suspension, a heated touring seat, and more. Otherwise, you get standard traction control and ABS on both variants of the bike (which really only differ in their trim level).

Really, this is a Challenger with a top box, and when you add up all that luggage, you’ve got combined capacity of 133 litres of space between all the bags. Just the thing, really, for hauling you and your significant other across the continent in plush comfort! For those long days in the saddle, you get Apple CarPlay allowing you to navigate and pump tunes through your stereo. Naturally, you can also upgrade your onboard stereo for higher-end speakers (and no doubt Indian will offer an even more-powerful sound system in days to come, as these systems tend to be updated every few years with more power).

Both of the new Pursuit models should be at Canadian dealerships soon; find more details on the Indian Pursuit Dark Horse here (MSRP $36,999) and more details on the Indian Pursuit Limited here (MSRP $38,199).

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