You can watch MotoAmerica’s 2022 season here in Canada (we think)

This news means you should be able to enjoy Alex Dumas' adventures in the US during the early years of his career.Photo: Brian J. Nelson Photography

It appears that Canadian viewers will finally be able to easily watch expat exploits, with MotoAmerica announcing a new streaming broadcast program for at least some of its 2022 race series.

Earlier this month, MotoAmerica (the biggest roadracing series in the US) announced it would launch a new streaming service for next race season, with racing free to enjoy on all devices. Not only will it broadcast live content (we assume this means live races), it will also show historic content, going all the way back to the series’ beginning in 2015, when it changed from AMA leadership.

Even if it doesn’t show live racing in 2022, we’d certainly expect to be able to see re-broadcasts of the races after they’re finished.

So, this means you should be able to enjoy watching the Canadians who head south for racing this coming year, and you can certainly tune in and enjoy events from years past. For instance, Ben Young and Alex Dumas, the two fastest guys in CSBK this year, both learnt their trade in MotoAmerica, and you should be able to see their earlier races through this new streaming service. You should also be able to watch Braeden Ortt and Darren James, as they both raced in the US in this timespan.

For now, MotoAmerica says its programming will be available through Distro TV, Local Now, Stremium and Zingo TV services, as well as at If you can’t access some of that content due to regional restrictions, don’t worry. Organizers say they plan to make this all available to international viewers as well, so just be patient.


  1. The Motoamerica Streaming app has been available in Canada for a few years now. But this is something new adding historical stuff. I assume the live racing will still be on the paid app.

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