Isle of Man TT film added to the TMFF Cinema online catalogue

TMFF Cinema’s online film streaming catalogue continues to grow, with this week’s addition of 3 Wheeling.

This feature film is based on the sidecar racing at the 2016 Isle of Man TT, and seems to have been pretty well-regarded as an inside look at all the drama at that event. You can see the film’s official website here, and there’s a brief write-up in the TMFF Cinema press release below.

If you’re interested in this, or other films from TMFF Cinema, you can find what’s currently available for watching here. TMFF Cinema founder Caius Tenche (also the big boss behind the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival) continues to add to the catalogue, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the site for new releases. For previous coverage on TMFF Cinema (which Tenche is basically trying to build into the “Netflix of Motorcycles”), see here.

Press release

The world’s most dangerous race

Screaming engines and drama at the Isle of Man TT.

Following the head-to-head battle between TT legend Dave Molyneux and multiple world champion Tim Reeves, there has never been a movie that gets you this close to the action out on the course and in the paddocks.

Yes, the cinematography is outstanding. Seeing and hearing these machines scream at top revs through the serene Isle of Man countryside is breathtaking, but 3 Wheeling goes much deeper than that; it focuses on the characters and their personal struggles.

Molyneux is tough as nails and broody, and the tension between him and Reeves, and also within his own team is palpable and uncomfortable at times. Clearly, he’s the villain in this story that unfolds before us.

Watch 3 Wheeling on TMFF Cinema starting December 9.

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