The Honda CBR1000 line gets updates for 2022

For 2022, Honda says it’s updating the base model CBR1000RR-R, aka the Fireblade—but at this point, there’s no confirmation we’ll get those changes in Canada, since that bike doesn’t come here. However, the SP model, which we do get, should see the same changes.

Honda says the Euro-market Fireblade is getting some updates to the engine (revisions to intake and exhaust systems), along with a new 43-tooth rear sprocket. Max horsepower is supposed to be the same, at 214 hp, but mid-range is supposed to be greatly improved—and no surprise, with a considerably larger rear sprocket installed.

The engine’s internals seem to be unchanged for next season.

For 2022, there are also changes to the bike’s traction control system; these are supposed to improve the rear wheel’s stability. There’s a new throttle return spring, intended to improve feel, and there’s new material and coating for the Nissin brake calipers, intended to prevent overheating.

Since we don’t get the Fireblade model here, you might think we won’t see these changes … but, Honda also says there’s a 30th Anniversary edition of the SP model, and it gets these same updates, along with a special paint job.

As Honda does bring the SP to Canada, we’d expect our 2022 models to feature these same changes, then. That bike hasn’t been confirmed for next season, but it’s hard to imagine Big Red won’t bring it in. Having said that, with a $34,999 MSRP for the 2021 model, these bikes are becoming much more expensive, and the 30th anniversary livery might jack the price tag up even further.

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