Updated Suzuki Katana for 2022

Photo: Suzuki

Suzuki doesn’t have a full-court press on at EICMA this week, but the Japanese OEM did announce a series of updates to the Katana neo-retro naked bike.

The changes are difficult to spot at first glance, since they’re almost all internal—Suzuki changed some paint, but not much else on the bike’s outsides. Even the frame, suspension and wheels appear unchanged for next year.

Photo: Suzuki

However, a new ride-by-wire throttle and some tweaks to the engine’s intake and internals mean a bump in horsepower, cleaner emissions, and fatter mid-range power.

Suzuki says the bike now makes 150 hp, which is a 3 hp gain over the original 2019 model. Thanks to that ride-by-wire throttle, the engine now meets Euro5 specs, and also has updated ride modes, and even an up/down quickshifter included as standard kit.

Photo: Suzuki

The new throttle bodies and airbox and 4-2-1 exhaust system also undoubtedly contribute to the cleaner emissions, as well as the improved power output.

Suzuki also says it updated the five-level traction control system for 2022 (riders can also turn the system off, if they want). There’s a new set of rubber-mounted handlebars, for more comfort. The clutch assist system is updated, and so is the LCD instrument panel.

At this point, we do know the Suzuki Katana will be here in 2022, available in a grey or blue paint choice. It seems pricing will start with a $17,199 MSRP, plus whatever other fees your dealer and DMV tack on. For further deets, head over to Suzuki’s Canadian website, where there’s a full spec sheet and more photos.


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