The 2022 Kawasaki H2 SX series brings radar-powered adaptive cruise control

The 2022 Kawasaki H2 SX is the first Japanese motorcycle with adaptive cruise control powered by front-facing and rear-facing radar. Photo: Kawasaki

Kawasaki’s H2 SX series are the first Japanese motorcycle to have onboard radar-powered adaptive cruise control, among other updates for 2022. Both the standard Kawasaki H2 SX  and the H2 SX SE (with electro-suspension) are packed with changes for next season.

More tech

The Kawasaki H2 SX series comes with Bosch’s Advanced Rider Assist Systems (ARAS). This tech takes data from the bike’s onboard front- and rear-facing radar sensors and other gadgetry to manage adaptive cruise control, which in turn keeps the bike following a safe distance from vehicles in front of it on the roadway. There’s also a forward collision warning system, and blind spot detection.

Along with these, the bikes also come with Kawasaki SPIN, a new app-based infotainment system that lets riders download and display third-party apps to the H2 SX’s 6.5-inch TFT screen (also new). This includes the ability to integrate navigation apps, manage phone calls, and stream music.

Both bikes also come with a tire pressure monitoring system, and KIPASS (Kawasaki Intelligent Proximity Activation Start System—just a proximity keyfob. Who comes up with these acronyms, anyway?). A hill start assist comes standard, too.

Some minor changes to the plastics for 2022, but nothing too noticeable. Photo: Kawasaki

New looks

Kawasaki made minor changes to the bike’s bodywork for 2022. Looks like your paint choices are limited to green/black.

Better ergos

We don’t know anyone who’s truly put in enough hard miles on an H2-series bike to complain about the comfort, but Kawasaki says it’s improved the rider and passenger seat comfort for 2022. Just the thing, if you decide you want to enter the Iron Butt Rally on a bike with a supercharger.

Engine changes

There are some tweaks to the engine’s tuning, we’re told, but we don’t know exactly how much jam this supercharged four-cylinder puts out. We reckon it’s probably still in the 200 horsepower range, but maybe there’s some difference in the midrange performance. Officially, Kawasaki says it “now boasts more power and a smoother torque curve. ”

Snappy suspenders

The SE version is set apart by its Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension, which uses electronically-managed valving in conjunction with Showa Skyhook software for semi-active suspension that’s specifically tailored to this motorcycle.

For more deets, head over to Kawasaki’s Canadian website, where you’ll see the H2 SX selling for a cool $27,799, and the H2 SX SE comes with a $31,499 price tag for 2022.



  1. $28,000 or $31,500 before fees & taxes. Canada a northern country with a very short riding season. Have not seen too many of these even out here on the west coast where the riding is suppose to longer. Of course Nature just kicked the shit out of us recently. Paddle & canoe might be a better purchase.

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