New budget-friendly Bluetooth helmet comms from Cardo

Cardo has announced four new helmet comms coming for 2022, including the Cardo Spirit, Cardo Spirit HD, Freecom 2x and Freecom 4x.

All these new products have “the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip on the market,” and also have over-the-air software updates, meaning riders can update their firmware without connecting to a computer. They also have USB-C fast-charging, allowing riders to quick-charge for 20 minutes and get two hours of riding time added.

Here’s how Cardo describes the four new comm sets (note that pricing is in USD):

“The Cardo Spirit is a brand-new product line that delivers all the qualities that made Cardo recognizable as the high-quality brand it is today, at an incredible introductory price of only $99.00. The Spirit is powered by the latest Bluetooth technology and brings all the essentials needed by a rider and combines them with unprecedented attention to detail, build quality and durability. With the ability to connect two riders up to a quarter of a mile, it allows riders to focus on the ride ahead and enjoy seamless connectivity.

The Cardo Spirit HD provides the unbeatable package, with everything a rider will ever want from a Bluetooth communicator at an affordable price of $149. The Spirit HD is powered by the latest Bluetooth technology and is combined with features such as high-quality sound from powerful 40mm HD speakers, FM radio, and 13 hours talk time.

The Cardo Freecom 2x establishes itself as the mid-range, and firm favorite in the product lineup, as the best Bluetooth communicator for two riders. Added benefits include premium Sound by JBL, live intercom and analogue jog-dial. At $209, the Cardo Freecom 2x sets a new standard for Bluetooth communicators with features such as live intercom, an auto-reconnecting Bluetooth connection for two riders. The Cardo Freecom 2x is waterproof and features over-the-air software updates which provides additional value to an already incredible package.

Rounding out the new lineup, at $269, the Cardo Freecom 4x positions itself as the world’s best, fully featured, Bluetooth communicator with a range of three-quarters of a mile for up to four riders. All benefits and features you’d expect from Cardo are standard with the addition of an auto-reconnecting Bluetooth connection for four riders– Freecom 4x is the ideal premium Bluetooth companion for any ride”

Elsewhere in its marketeering for the new products, Cardo says the new Freecom 4X also has Natural Voice Operation, allowing you to verbally command your comm to turn the music up or down, on or off, etc.

Remember, these comms run on Bluetooth technology. For Cardo’s DMC (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology, you’ll still have to opt for the Packtalk line. However, riders should appreciate the auto-reconnecting Bluetooth system on the four new comm sets Cardo just announced, and the pricing will be attractive as well. We’d expect to see them available in Canada sometime this winter.

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