Cardo launches new models

Just in time for the holidays, Cardo has just announced a number of new communicator systems.

Aimed towards the more budget-minded, the Cardo Spirit and Spirit HD. The two new comms systems are said to be fully waterproof. Operating on Bluetooth 5.2, they support over the air software updates through the Cardo Connect app and are charged though a USB-C. The Spirit can connect two riders up to a distance of 400 m with 10 hours of talk time while the Spirit HD extends that to 600m and 13 hours. The Spirit HD also adds a higher quality intercom and FM radio receiver.

We’re awaiting Canadian pricing on the new units, but U.S. pricing was listed at $99 and $149 respectively. They will replace Cardo’s existing entry-level offering, the Freecom 1+ which currently retails for around $179.99.

Replacing the Freecom 2+ and Freecom 4+, Cardo also announced the introduction of the Freecom 2x and Freecom 4x. Predictably, the 2x can connect two riders, while the 4x can connect, you guessed it – four.

Featuring live intercom Bluetooth and 40mm JBL speakers, they promise to provide enhanced tone and clarity and also automatically reconnect riders that have gone beyond the 1.2 km of range, so riders don’t have to keep re-pairing. Promised to be fully waterproof, the Freecom X line offers 13 hours of talk time on a full charge and voice operation that lets you choose among its functions by saying “Hey, Cardo.” The systems offer two channels for mobile phone and GPS connectivity. An added benefit of the 4x is that it will pair with other brands of headsets.

U.S. pricing for the Freecom 2x is $209, while the Freecom 4x MSRP is $269. We’ll update with Canadian pricing as soon as we have it. We’re hoping to get units to review, but in the meantime, you can watch the promo video below.


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