Triumph’s Sneak Peek tour gives you an exclusive look at new ’22 models

Photo: Triumph

For the past few years, Triumph has run a “Sneak Peek” tour over fall/winter, offering up an exclusive look at their new models. Now, the company’s doing the same for 2022, with many Canadian dates on the tour. And, Triumph says this is your chance to get a first look at a couple of brand-new models—specifically, the new Speed Triple 1200 RR and Tiger Sport 660.

The Speed Triple 1200 RR debuted in September as Hinkley’s new “pinnacle in … elegance, performance, and attitude.” At the other end of the spectrum, the Tiger Sport 660 debuted in October as a cost-effective “adventure sports” bike, with ADV ergos but chassis and tires aimed at on-road use.

Both those bikes will be on the Sneak Peek tour, and Triumph says “These bikes are currently the only units anywhere outside of Europe and will make stops at select dealership showrooms across the USA and Canada.” If you want to see the bikes, this is the way to do it. You can see the 2022 tour details below; note that it actually starts in late December, 2021, and there are eastern and western dates. Also note that it doesn’t indicate there’s any appearances on the MCC show circuit.

2022 Triumph Sneak Peek tour

  • 12/22/21 – Hamilton, ON: Sturgess Cycle
  • 1/4 – 1/5/22 – Toronto, ON: Triumph Toronto
  • 1/6 – 1/7/22 – Whitby, ON: GP Bikes
  • 1/8/22 – Montreal, QC: Moto Montreal Cycle
  • 1/11 – 1/12/22 – Ottawa, ON: Ottawa Good Time Centre
  • 1/13 – 1/14/22 – Vancouver, BC: Triumph Vancouver
  • 1/13 – 1/14/22 – Terrebonne, QC: Motos Illimitees Inc.
  • 1/15/22 – Langley, BC: Triumph of Langley
  • 1/18 – 1/19/22 – Kelowna, BC: Triumph Kelowna
  • 1/18 – 1/20/22 – Sherbrooke, QC: Triumph Motos Thibault
  • 1/21 – 1/22/22 – Quebec City, QC: Triumph Moto Vanier
  • 1/25 – 1/27/22 – Glen Haven, NS: Triumph Halifax
  • 1/28 – 1/29/22 – Dieppe, NB: Rallye Motoplex

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