Brixton Cromwell 1200: A new contender in the retro market?

Photo: Brixton

Quick, what motorcycle brand has Brit bike looks, is marketed by Austrians, and is made in China? If you answered “Brixton,” you’d be correct. Now, for 2022, the brand is about to release a machine that appears ready to make a big dent in the high-end retro market.

Brixton isn’t well-known in Canada, because the brand isn’t sold here. It’s more common in Europe. It’s a subsidiary of KSR (an Austrian conglomerate); like the KSR parent brand, Brixton once focused on small-capacity machines, but now the Cromwell 1200 retro is changing that.

This big-bore retro has a liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that is supposed to make 80 hp and 80 lb-ft of torque, with a six-speed gearbox and two riding modes (thanks to a ride-by-wire throttle, which also helps it pass Euro5 emissions!). There’s a TFT screen as standard, KYB shocks in back (only adjustable for preload). Up front, there’s a telescopic fork, and dual disc brakes (single disc in rear, of course). The brake hardware comes from Nissin, with ABS by Bosch. The front wheel is an 18-incher, the rear wheel is a 17-incher. Wet weight is supposed to be 235 kg; fuel capacity is 16 liters.

Photo: Brixton

What’s the price? Uh, we don’t know. And, it’s not likely coming to Canada anyway. The Brixton Cromwell 1200 debuts at EICMA next week, for sale this winter in the EU.

How will it stack up against existing competition like Triumph, or comeback-kid Royal Enfield? Brixton will have to come in with a good MSRP, and good reliability. The Chinese factories are getting much better at the reliability part, but as they’ve done so, prices have risen, making it harder for Chinese moto retailers to compete. However, if the bike looks good and runs well, no doubt it will find fans across the pond.


  1. Wait for the LIMITED EDITION series models….Butlins Holiday Camp and the higher horsepower Borstal
    Boy Replica. Now,those will be the dogs bollocks !

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