MV Agusta Superveloce Ago: A winning name

2022 MV Agusta Superveloce Ago, with race kit installed, because why not? Photo: MV Agusta

When Giacomo Agostini rode for MV Agusta, he built his sterling reputation as an all-time GP racing great. Now, MV Agusta is paying homage to his memory, releasing a special-edition version of the Superveloce.

The Superveloce already wears a gorgeous set of modern, but somehow retro clothes; however, the Ago edition adds a commemorative #1 paint job, celebrating Agostini’s many wins for the brand, with 15 GP titles.

MV Agusta takes things a bit further, by dedicating the first 15 bikes of this super-limited run (only 311 machines in total) to Agostini’s world titles, with special graphics on the gas tank paying homage to those wins.

All that bodywork is carbon-fibre, except for the gas tank. MV Agusta used machine billet aluminum for the shift lever, brake pedal, upper triple clamp, and wire-style wheels. There’s an Alcantara seat; you probably won’t notice that detail while riding, but it’s aesthetically pleasing as you admire your bike curbside at a cafe in Milan.

No doubt Agostini is wishing he’d had this during his IOMTT heroics, instead of a bike with linoleum brakes and sketchy tires. Photo: MV Agusta

Although the engine itself is the same 147 -hp 800 cc triple that MV Agusta uses in the standard Superveloce model, it comes with a racing kit (incl. track-spec ECU) and Arrow exhaust  that probably isn’t legal for public roads … but does increase output to 151 hp. We’ll let your conscience tell you whether or not you should install that.

The MVICS 2.1 electronics platform comes standard, with four engine maps, eight-level traction control, and up/down quickshifter. Leaning-sensitive Continental ABS also comes standard. The suspension has electronic adjustment as well, with Ohlins NIX fork and TTX shock.

All very flashy and swank, but will it come to Canada? No doubt a motivated buyer could get their hands on one, if they flashed enough green, but given MV Agusta’s current low-key presence in our market, and this bike’s limited-edition appeal, don’t expect to see one in your local dealership showroom. You can see more of it at MV Agusta’s website, though!

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