Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion scheduled for 2022!

Remember how fun the Fundy Adventure Rally was? I sure do … even though I usually spent the weekend manning the GPS tracker software, or breaking down at the Forty Five River Bridge.

Anyway, thanks to COVID and rallymaster Eric Russell’s work commitments, we had no FAR in 2020, and none again this year. But, in 2022, we’ll get the next best thing: A reunion weekend for rallygoers.

The Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion runs September 9-11 2022, out of Adair’s Wilderness Lodge in Shepody, New Brunswick (the home base for the rally’s entire five-year run). Unlike other years, there will be no rally route scouted; riders are on their own, to come and go as they please, with no awards handed out.

This should still be a lot of fun, and no doubt riders will be dusting off their old GPX tracks to see if they can revisit some of the tougher sections of previous rallies, and bust through them again (does anyone remember the infamous beaver dam?). As well, the Fundy Trail Parkway is now completely open, offering some of the best twisties in Atlantic Canada just down the road from Adair’s, and other roads in the area have also been improved over the past few years. Or, you can just go down to Martin Head for a good, fast rip, like old times.

This time, there are no rally sponsors, either. If you want to attend, simply ring up Adair’s (1-888-895-9233 or 506-432-6687) and book your weekend with Ida. So far, there’s no updates to the Fundy Adventure Rally Facebook page, but you might want to keep an eye on it for more info. It sounds like things will be pretty low-key, though—just how Canadians like it.

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