New Armadillo “liquid power reservoirs” from Giant Loop

Photo: Giant Loop

If you’re looking for a practical and affordable way to extend your motorcycle’s fuel range, Giant Loop has a solution for you … maybe. The new Giant Loop Armadillo “Liquid Power Reservoir” could prove an excellent storage solution for extra fuel, if it’s legal in your jurisdiction.

What the Armadillo is, is a soft two-layer bag that can be used to store gasoline. Giant Loop’s promotional material says “rugged expedition-ready Armadillo Bags are designed for the safe temporary storage and transport of a broad range of essential automotive and powersports fluids.” Why would you use a soft bag to store gasoline? Simple: They’re a lot easier to store than a jerry can. When the bag is empty, you can roll it tight and save space and weight, when compared to a standard rigid gasoline container.

However, transportation authorities may take a dim view of the Armadillo, so check before you use it. Giant Loop’s marketing says “Armadillo Bags are not portable fuel containers as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state and federal agencies. Armadillo Bags are NOT intended for fuel storage or transport in the USA.” If you want to use one in Canada, check the rules first.

Available in 1-gallon, 2-gallon, 3-gallon and 5-gallon versions. Photo: Giant Loop

However, where legal, these could be a great way to push further on trips into the woods, particularly in Canada’s north, where gas fill-ups can be few and far between. Adventure riders, take note! Of course, other countries have much more lenient rules about fuel transportation, and you’ll be just fine using the Armadillo bags in many adventure riding scenarios, even if North American authorities might not like them.

The Armadillo comes in 1-gallon, 2-gallon, 3-gallon and 5-gallon bags.

The Armadillo bags have an RF-welded inner bladder and abrasion-resistant Cordura outer sleeve, with MOLLE-style webbing loops sewn into the outer sleeve for easy attachment to motorcycles. There’s also a pocket on the outer sleeve for the plastic pour spot.

We haven’t seen Canadian pricing yet, but these should be available here through Parts Canada. American pricing is $99.99 for the 1-gallon bag, $124.99 for the 2-gallon bag; $149.99 for the 3-gallon bag, and $199.99 for the 5-gallon bag. Extrapolate from that for Canadian pricing.

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