Kawasaki confirms Z650 RS, Z900 RS SE for Canada!

Photo: Kawasaki

Canadian Kawasaki Motors has confirmed it—we are getting the new Z650 RS retro here in our market for next season, as well as the upgraded Z900 RS SE model. Kawasaki also confirmed it’s bringing in the standard, non-retro Z900 SE model.

The Z650 RS (foreground) is styled along the lines of classic Kawasaki UJMs. Photo: Kawasaki

Long-rumoured as a Kawi skunk works project, the Z650 RS broke cover in Euro markets last week. Although it’s been under wraps for some time, most of the bike is actually quite familiar. It has the same frame and engine as the standard Z650 naked bike, but with the styling of a mid-’70s Kawasaki UJM. Some people are getting bent out of shape because it’s running a parallel twin, not an inline four-cylinder engine, but it’s worth pointing out that Kawasaki also had a middleweight parallel twin platform back in the 1970s, the KZ750. You could view the Z650 RS as the spiritual successor to that model, or even an update to the KZ400/KZ440 formula.

You can see our initial write-up of the Z650 RS here, with specs. Kawasaki says it’s coming to Canada with a $9,999 MSRP in Metallic Spark Black paint, or $10,149 in Candy Emerald Green paint. Other details available at Kawi’s Canadian website.

The Z900 RS SE is also coming for 2022, with upgraded running gear and funky yellow paint. Photo: Kawasaki

The Z900 RS SE is also coming to Canada. The Z900 RS model has been on the market for a couple of years now; the SE version has an Ohlins S46 shock (adjustable rebound damping and spring preload, 140 mm of travel), Brembo front brakes (dual semi-floating 300 mm discs, four-piston Brembo M4.32 monobloc calipers), gold-painted wheels, stainless exhaust and a “Yellow Ball” paint scheme that’s straight from the ’70s. Groovy, man.

Canadian MSRP for the Z900 RS SE is $15,599, plus applicable taxes and fees. For more details, check out Kawasaki’s website.

The Z900 SE comes with edgy styling like the original, and with upgraded brakes and suspension. Photo: Kawasaki

What if you want a 21st-century motorcycle, not The Bike That Came In From The Seventies? Kawasaki is also very happy to sell you the Z900 SE, which has Kawasaki’s contemporary Sugomi styling, with basically the same upgrades as the Z900 RS SE: Ohlins S46 shock, adjustable for rebound damping and spring preload, and a set of 300 mm Brembo front brake discs mated to M4.32 monobloc four-piston calipers. All the better for high-performance riding! MSRP on this hoonmobile is $12,449 for 2022.


  1. I remember at work I had that Kawi 650-4 pinned up on my corkboard. It was the first sniff of the lightweight concept vs. 750 which was then popular. This would have been late 1970s.
    Then Honda did it later with the lightweight Honda 900 sportbike vs. litrebikes.
    Interesting this new Kawi is a twin though. And Yamaha too… no more little tiny four-bangers.
    Hey I wouldn’t be surprised (at all) if these new twins make more torque!

  2. Nice but small petrol tank tho. $9999.00 + PDI – $500.00 + Shipping – $750.00 – Tax – $1890.00! Grand total out the door price is $13.100.00. MEH!

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