Sena 20S EVO comm sets get updated HD speakers

Photo: Sena

Sena is overhauling its helmet communication lineup, with the 20S EVO the latest set to get the HD speaker treatment.

Sena’s 50-series comms debuted with HD speakers, and after introducing those, Sena also announced the 30K comm would also get these improved speakers, which are “optimized for boosted performance in volume, bass, and clarity.” Now, those speakers are being included as original-spec equipment for the 20S EVO.

The press release doesn’t specify exactly what these speakers are, or their improvements, only promising us “superior audio performance,” with “a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity.” Users can tweak their Sena’s playback levels with the Sena Utility App, via Bluetooth connection to their mobile device.

Sena also says the new 20S EVO offers a more comfortable fit, with beveled edges that supposedly fit better into helmets. Anyone who’s spent a day with uncomfortable speakers digging into their ears will see the benefit of an upgrade like this.

One catch: Currently, the 20S EVO with upgraded speakers is only available through Sena’s website; they aren’t available via Amazon or Sena’s other retail partners yet, although they will be soon. That might make things complicated for Canadian buyers, but then again, most of us aren’t purchasing motorcycle touring equipment at this point in the season, unless it’s to take advantage of a deep discount.

Currently, the 20S EVO sells for approximately $290 for a single comm, or $525 for a two-comm set in Canada, before tax. If that’s more than you can afford, stay tuned—Sena’s press release indicated these speakers will continue to spread to other models. That might mean a more budget-minded comm set will come with this upgrade in the future.

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