Ricky Carmichael vs. the Triumph Tiger 1200

Here’s a couple of things we didn’t expect this year. First, back in June, Triumph announced it would build motocross and enduro bikes. Along with that surprising development, we also got the news that Ricky Carmichael is now repping the British-based brand.

Wait, what? The GOAT of the MX world is jumping aboard this brand-new, untested project? Wild, man. But check this out: Even before Carmichael shows off the new bikes’ capabilities (which you know is why they hired him, obviously), he’s putting the new Tiger 1200 adventure bike (coming soon, etc., etc.) through its paces.

Take note: Carmichael is no towering giant, at five-foot-six, and he seems to have zero trouble managing this adventure bike.

The Tiger 1200 will come out in coming weeks, and as for the dirt bikes? We’d expect at least a sneak peek at EICMA, with a release sometime in 2022.

Triumph also has the new Tiger Sport 660 on the market, giving Hinkley a broad-based approach to the entire offroad market in coming months. All they’re missing is a sub-500 cc entry-level ADV, and considering the company’s plan to start selling made-in-India bikes in the near future, it’s very likely we’ll see that included in that lineup. In other words, Triumph has big plans for a big future.

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