Suzuki GSX-S1000GT update: Canadian pricing

Photo: Suzuki

Yesterday, we told you about the new Suzuki GSX-S1000GT sport tourer, but didn’t have Canadian availability or pricing confirmed. Now, we see the bikes on Suzuki’s Canadian website, with MSRP and some technical details listed.

The standard model, the GSX-S1000GT, is listed at $15,399 MSRP (plus fees and taxes, obviously). That bike comes without the OEM 36-litre sidebags, and some other bits of trim that are included in the GSX-S1000GTA. The A model (in other markets, called the GSX-S1000GT+) comes with the saddlebags and other accoutrements to justify the extra grand tacked onto the price tag.

Some riders will no doubt opt for the standard model and jury-rig a one-size-fits-all luggage solution from Tourmaster or some other purveyor of soft saddlebags. In Europe, it’s almost a certainty that GIVI and other third-party manufacturers will be cranking out their own luggage solution for this bike. However, it might be a while ’til we see them here in Canada, so if you want a proper touring setup, the version with bags included is probably the bike you’ll want.

As far as pricing goes, the GT’s price above 15 grand puts it on par with many adventure bikes in the upper mid-range; a flagship ADV will probably cost another five thousand bucks. BMW’s R1250RS and KTM’s 1290 Super Duke GT are probably the closest competition from Europe, and both will come in at considerably more money as well (but they also come with a more advanced electronics package). Honda’s NT1100 sport tourer will probably be in the same ballpark as far as MSRP when it appears, but will likely have less horsepower.

For more info, see yesterday’s write-up on the new Suzook.


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