Today: Get your Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival pass!

The 2021 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival begins today, with loads of features and shorts telling tales from the two-wheeled world.

It’s the fifth running of the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival, with the most Canadian films ever. This year, The TMFF has five Canadian films, all shorts. These include 257 Down (12 minutes, summary here), Angie: Tales of Determination (33 minutes, summary here), Motoluv (10 minutes, summary here), Propaganda (41 minutes, summary here), and Route 16 Ramble (27 minutes, summary here).

In total, this year’s lineup includes 25 films. Not all of them will screen at the Revue Cinema (there are limited showtimes for September 17 and 18), but some will, which is an improvement over last year’s no-in-person-showings situation. Otherwise, the entire lineup is watchable at through September 25, when the festival ends.

You can see a full lineup of this year’s films here, with descriptions and trailers. There’s a fascinating variety of films this year, covering everything from adventure travel to Liberian motorcycle taxis to a self-reconstructing two-stroke engine (maybe the most clever moto short that’s been shot in years).

As part of the festival, the organizers have arranged Q&As with several of the filmmakers—see more details here. CMG big boss Dustin Woods appears on the September 24 panel focused on Canadian films and filmmaking, along with Genevieve Chartrand (Motoluv), Chris Darton & Angie Sandow, (Angie: Tales of Determination), Jason Hamborg (Route 16 Ramble), David Porteous (257 Down). This Q&A runs at 8 PM, EDT.

For tickets, or a full festival pass, along with the schedule, visit here. A pass for the whole festival is only $65, and is well worth the spending if you want to watch most of the films.

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