Canadian Superbike at Calabogie today, to close out 2021

Photo: CSBK

Game on! The Canadian Superbike season wraps up at Calabogie this weekend, and at time of writing, you can actually tune into live timing, to view the racers’ progress. Tickets are not available at the gate, but you can find online sales here, if you have a last-minute desire to watch the races.

Alex Dumas is the guy to beat in Pro Superbike, but with a triple-header this weekend, Jordan Szoke or Ben Young could easily catch him. Sebastien Tremblay should take the Pro Sport Bike title, unless disaster strikes and erases his 46-point lead in the two final races. Tremblay has had some incredibly bad luck in past seasons, not his fault at all, and it would be good to see him get through this weekend without such problems.

Amateur Sport Bike is already decided, with Brad Macrea taking the title, and Amateur Superbike and Lightweight Sport Bike are also likely going to go to their current series leaders, but it’s possible we’ll see some last-minute drama in those classes.

For the last race of 2021, CSBK introduced a one-off tech inspection sticker, designed by Molly Fraser and printed by Bickle Racing. It celebrates the life and accomplishments of Canadian racer Yvon Duhamel, who tore up Canadian, American and European racetracks in the 1960s and 1970s. Duhamel died this summer, aged 81, as one of Canada’s motorcycle legends. CSBK’s sticker (see it above) incorporates Duhamel’s YD17 logo, as used on his Kawasaki two-stroke roadracing machine.

For full information on CSBK’s weekend plans and schedule, visit the series website here.

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