Video: Learning about BMW’s Vision AMBY concept design

Last week, BMW Motorrad gave us an updated take on the company’s vision for the future of electric motorcycling, with the Vision AMBY. Sitting between an e-bike and a full-sized electric motorcycle, Vision AMBY is intended to provide commuting capabilities in bicycle lanes, but also handle faster city streets.

Geo-fencing technology is intended to keep riders from exceeding the speed limits in those bike lanes, but allow higher performance when slicing and dicing through traffic.

Although it’s not guaranteed for production at this point, it seems likely BMW has plans to introduce a vehicle like the Vision AMBY in the future, as it pivots towards EVs in general. BMW unveiled the new electric motorcycle at the IAA Mobility 2021 show in Munich last week, and while it was there, Julia Quentin (CMF Designer of BMW Motorrad) gave a YouTube walkaround for the machine. See her insight above.

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