Indian recall

Photo: Honda

Recall #: 2021-542 (Manufacturer recall# I-21-03)
Models Involved: 2020 Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
Number of Vehicles: 24
Issue: On certain Scout Bobber Sixty models, an engine controller update could cause the brake light not to turn on when the brakes are applied.
Safety Risk: A brake light that does not work properly could cause other road users not to recognize when the motorcycle is braking. This could increase the risk of a crash.
Corrective Actions: Indian Motorcycle will notify owners by mail and advise that you should not ride your motorcycle until the brake light has been checked to ensure that it works properly. If the brake light turns on when you brake, you will be asked to submit a form to Indian Motorcycle to confirm that no repair is necessary on your motorcycle. If you need assistance with checking this, you can contact a dealer to inspect the brake light for you. If the brake light does not turn on when you brake, you should contact your local dealer to arrange for the motorcycle to be transported to them for repair. The dealer will update the engine control unit software, as required.

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