Kawasaki promises a “Retrovolution”

Here’s a YouTube teaser from Kawasaki promising a “Retrovolution,” whatever that is …

Generally, the assumption is that Kawi is about to release a Z650RS, a retro machine based around its long-running Z650 platform. This is probably the case. There have been rumours about this project for months, and Kawasaki’s Z900RS (a retro built around the Z900 naked bike platform) has already been a big success for Team Green.

Maybe we’ll see a Z400RS instead, though? Kawasaki could sell this in more overseas markets, and the 400 series is certainly mucho popular, due to its low, low pricing.

Whatever it is, it shows Kawasaki’s keen to keep playing in the retro scene. Team Green continues to protect its Meguro trademark, and maybe we’ll see this tie into the Retrovolution somehow? Stay tuned!


  1. Now I know the 650 twin Kawasaki has is a very good motor but for my retro dollar a Z650RS would have a 4 cylinder power plant, similiar the KZ650 back in the day ( and what Honda has in their CB650).
    Just looks and sounds better imho.

  2. Have to hand it to Kawasaki for staying faithful to the retro niche and actually continuing to offer the bikes for sale in Canada, despite the limited sales. A Z650RS may be just what they need to spike sales in this category, as the model is likely to overcome the shortcomings of the two current offerings (high insurance costs of the Z900RS range and “high cost for modest performance” of the W800).

    • agree. this seems like the perfect combo of retro and performance. and living in toronto and dealing with crazy high motorcycle insurance, a 650 would be ideal.

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