Looks like Honda is bringing out an NT1100 sport tourer

Honda patent/Cycle World

After a long absence from the market, it seems Honda is ready to re-introduce the NT sport-touring series. Specifically, it seems we’re about to see an NT1100, based on the same engine as the latest-generation Africa Twin adventure bike, and the Rebel 1100 cruiser.

Ben Purvis (scribing for BikeSocial and Cycle World) has been digging up paperwork that indicates Honda’s trademarked the NT1100 name in the EU, presumably for release in the near future. Purvis originally uncovered regulatory documents about this plan back in February of 2021, but even earlier than that, there was strong gossip that Honda planned to revive the Deuville line, which was also the NT line.

The Deuville series was mockingly called “Dullsville” by jaded speed junkies, but the bikes had a reputation for reliability and usability, even if they weren’t exactly fast. The original NT series had shaft drives, big gas tanks, and mid-capacity engines with modest output (hence the scornful nickname).

Patent drawings floating around online (see above) hint the new NT model would have a chain drive and trellis frame, and no doubt Honda will also make a version with twist-and-go dual clutch transmission, since Big Red loves DCT.

The regulatory documents indicate a Euro launch, but what about Canada? No word yet, and frankly, Honda doesn’t seem too fussed about our market at the moment. Compare its US offerings to Canada—Americans get far more choice, while Honda seems reluctant to bring much into Canada. The NT1100 is the sort of bike that grown-up buyers with money will want, though, which makes its appearance here more likely.



  1. I’m on my second Africa Twin….looking forward to the NT1100…just bring it here to Canada so we can at least have a look at it. The engine is excellent!! The DCT is beyond excellent!!

  2. I’d love to see a new ST1100 with a big tank and a shaft and with the price of fuel today I’d like to see some small efficient commuters that they sell in other markets.

  3. the drawing show outline of chain,engine needs redesign for shaft drive?
    HonDUD (perfecting forgettable mediocrity) probably not redesign engine to give us the shaft
    HonDUH CANTada too busy selling CRV’s with fuel dilution problems to be concerned with selling bikes

  4. The Honda NT650 Hawk GT came to Canada as a 1988 model. It had a liquid-cooled 647 cc V-twin motor, chain drive, a single-sided swingarm, a 12 litre tank and a 184 kg curb weight. I owned an 1989 model.

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