Video: The Harbor Freight homemade motorcycle

Been to a Harbor Freight lately? For most Canadians, that’s a hard No, as we haven’t been able to drive over to the US to visit “America’s go-to store for low prices on power tools, generators, jacks, tool boxes and more.

Good thing we’ve got Princess Auto, then, which is pretty much the same thing. Because, if your 2021 bike is on back-order (and there are plenty of customers who can’t get the machines they want this year, from what we understand), then you can go out and make your own, like the guys from the Bikes & Beard YouTube channel. You can see the results of the madness above. No, no CMGers are anxious to test-ride this thing. Not even Zac.

Is this DIYY motorcycle a good idea? Probably not. However, North America has a long and storied history of sketchy homebrewed motorcycles. The Coleman minibikes that Princess Auto sells, built in a pattern that’s been around since the middle of the last century, are only a step above this. And if we’ve learned anything from Dumb and Dumber, we’ve learned you can do a road trip on one of those minibikes, even if it has an engine straight from a lawnmower.

Joking aside, if everything goes all Mad Max out there in our crazy world, these are the vehicles we’ll be riding, not the slick adventure bikes promised by the Resident Evil movie series. Sorry, kids. At least with this bike, you don’t have to worry about overly complicated electronics breaking down …


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