Motourismo setting up to the the Airbnb of travel

Photo: REV'IT!/Motourismo

Online travel platform Motourismo has announced it’s raised €1M in seed funding to expand and grow its business.

That’s big news for the startup, which started off serving the German-language market in 2019, then adding English-speaking customers in 2020—which would have been a very tough year for any travel-oriented business, especially one that’s just getting off the ground.

Now that many borders have re-opened, the cash injection couldn’t have come at a better time. In the press release, Motourismo co-founder and CEO Michael Carlin says “We can now intensify our preparations for the upcoming travel boom at the foreseeable end of the pandemic at full speed.” Although talk of variants and other issues are complicating things, Motourismo figures there’s lots of pent-up demand for travel.

Motourismo’s decentralized business model is important to the comeback plan. Motourismo is an online booking platform/travel agency, partnered with about 100 other companies all over the world. The idea is, a rider looking for a trip in another country can search and book through Motourismo, instead of searching through glitchy websites, sketchy Facebook ads and dodgy Google pop-ups.

Basically, Motourismo is working on the Airbnb of motorcycle touring. It’s working on industry partnerships to move forward, including a deal with REV’IT!, which should help it grow its business while also helping the smaller outfits it partners with.

Motourismo is also working on partnerships with moto touring and shipping companies, to help riders learn new skills, and get their own bikes from continent to continent, if they want to ride their own bikes overseas.

If you’re looking for a moto trip to spend some of that cash you’ve hoarded up through COVID-19, head over to the Motourismo website and see what suits you.

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