Honda Monkey is coming to Canada!

The 2022 Honda Monkey. Photo: Honda

Honda Canada says the Monkey minibike is coming to our market, arriving in September of 2021.

If you’re not familiar with the Honda Monkey, it’s been available in other markets for years, even in the US for a while. It’s new to Canada, but should still seem somewhat familiar, as it’s based on the Honda Grom platform. The Monkey uses the same fuel-injected air-cooled 124 cc engine as the Grom, with the updated five-speed gearbox.

Groovy, man. Real groovy. Photo: Honda

However, the bodywork is much different. The Monkey is made to ape Honda’s classic minibikes of the late ’60s through the ’80s, the machines that kids started their riding career on (and their parents goofed around on, too).

The Monkey has dual rear shocks, just like those old-school minibikes, and USD forks up front. Curb weight is 105 kg, and fuel capacity is 5.6 litres (not that you’re likely to start racking up highway miles on this bike). Disc brakes come standard front and rear.

Honda says the Monkey will carry a $5,299 MSRP when it arrives in September, in the Pearl Nebula Red/Knight Silver Metallic paint scheme. The Monkey comes with a 12-month, unlimited-mileage warranty. More deets at Honda’s website!

Note, however, there’s no word on the CT125 coming in. Although we’ve heard considerable demand for this trail-oriented step-through, Honda Canada still drags its feet on bringing the machine in. We did see this note from reader Keith MacLeod in the Comments section this week, though:

“I just heard from Honda Canada as I had written them about having the Super Scout available in Canada. They said “if we receive enough interest expressed to Honda Canada we will launch the Super Scout.”
Write, call, email or text Honda Canada if you want this to happen.

There you have it. If you want the CT125, pester your dealer, and contact Honda Canada through its website, to let them know.

Honda also says the CB300R naked bike will be in Canada next month. It’s been sold here before, but stocks might have run low due to COVID. Photo: Honda

Honda’s press release also notes that the 2022 CB300R naked bike should be in showrooms in August. Given the strong demand and limited availability for many lower-priced Japanese machines, no doubt this comes as good news for many. Honda Canada is only bringing in one colour (in “Black,” an unusually-abrupt name for a motorcycle paint scheme these days—manufacturers usually go for names like “Dark Dragon Obsidian” or “Chromed Midnight Smoke”). MSRP is $6,099. More info at Honda’s website.


  1. Ive been waiting to get one in Canada. great that is has the five speed now, but the colour matched frames and swingams are gone. just black. same with the magnesium silver wheels. just black. looks cheap.

  2. List price plus freight and setup comes to $5899 plus tax = 6665. Thats a lot for a small 125 and considerably more than the Grom. Is Honda cashing in on nostalgia?

  3. Soooo, at $5300 this seems like a fair deal as local dealer here wants $4200 for a 50cc Rukus. WT_?
    If you like that sort of thing.

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