GoPro working on new “open-source” controls

Action camera manufacturer GoPro says it is working on new ‘Open GoPro’ API, which will potentially allow motorcyclists to record their rides more easily.

These days, GoPro action cameras are almost a universal accessory among younger riders, displacing the standard slip-on exhaust can as “baby’s first motorcycle add-on.” The cameras themselves have become increasingly more powerful (the latest Hero9 Black camera has 5K video resolution, a mobile phone editing app, automatic horizon leveling, onboard image stabilization and many other sci-fi features). And yet, there are still a couple of problems plaguing motorcycles who use them. Audio integration can be difficult, and on/off switches and other controls can frustrating.

GoPro’s answer is the new Open GoPro API. Essentially, this is coding that allows third-party manufacturers to improve their devices’ integration with the GoPro camera (read more about application programming interface, or APIs, here).

What this means is, a manufacturer of motorcycle helmet communicators can use the Open GoPro API to improve connection between the two devices, or enable control. In fact, that’s already happening, as Sena (currently the 800-lb gorilla of the helmet comm scene) is using the new API to improve its device-to-device connectability with GoPro.

No doubt other manufacturers will follow suit. Not just comm set manufacturers, either; Triumph has already announced motorcycles with GoPro connectivity, and it’s only a matter of time before this is standard equipment on mid-range and high-end bikes. At the rate tech is spreading into the 300-400 segment, it’s likely we shall also see it there soon enough.

Press release

GoPro Announces ‘Open GoPro’ API

Enables Third-Party Developers to Integrate HERO9 Black Into Their Solutions

HERO9 Black v1.6 Firmware Update Kicks Off Open GoPro Support

San Mateo, Calif., June 22, 2021 – Today, GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) announced ‘Open GoPro,’ an open API initiative that makes it easy for third-party developers to integrate HERO9 Black into their own development efforts.

With Open GoPro, developers have API access to the following HERO9 Black features:

Wireless Connectivity
Camera Command and Control
Camera Status
Camera Preview
SD Card Media Review and Transfer

Demos and sample code are available on No application or approval process is necessary.

Companies already incorporating Open GoPro include:

Amazfit smartwatches: wirelessly control your GoPro using the Amazfit watch touch display.
Centurion Boats: wirelessly control your GoPro via the boat’s helm control screen.
Orqa FPV Goggles: wirelessly control a GoPro mounted on an FPV drone using the Orqa FPV.Connect app and see camera status directly in the goggles.
Pixellot sport broadcasting: wirelessly control GoPro cameras and manage the transfer of content via Pixellot’s mobile platform.
Sena Bluetooth® devices: take voice-control of your GoPro using the built-in mics on the Sena Communications 50S and 50R headsets, ideal for motorcycle and other high-wind applications.

Open GoPro is live for HERO9 Black starting today with the release of the camera firmware update v1.6, available via GoPro’s Quik app as well as on The firmware includes the following additional updates:

Improved camera power on/power off speed and consistency
Improved Quik app connectivity
Improved touch screen sensitivity in menus and settings
Improved reliability when using ‘The Remote’ to control your camera

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