Trials club gets the boot after decades of riding at Vancouver park

Photo: Honda

The Canada Pacific Trials Association has been booted from a series of Vancouver-area parks, after the city’s parks department refused to renew their lease.

The CBC reports the Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Committee recently canceled the Association’s lease in the Belcarra region. The group has been riding and maintaining a series of trails in the area since 1971, before it was designated as parkland. Thanks to this move, their trail network is basically halved.

Leadership says they’re shocked over the decision, and had no idea the cancellation was coming. As for the parks committee and local politicians, the reasoning is supposedly a general increase in the public using that parkland, and environmental degradation caused by the trials riders.

For the full story, including the Canada Pacific Trials Association’s response, click through to the CBC. The comments section is quickly blowing up with anti-motorcycle sentiment, decrying trials bikes as “fast” and “noisy.” Obviously, a lot of people need to learn what trials riding is all about.


  1. Unfortunate but not surprising, so many more hikers with covid. Hikers and bike don’t mix well and the hikers always win out eventually, just usually takes longer.

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