Watch Bagger Racing League on pay-per-view this month!

Photo: Bagger Racing League

The made-in-America Bagger Racing League kicks off action this month, with the first race weekend running June 25-27. It’s unlikely Canadians will watch the event in person (it’s running in Utah, which makes things complicated even without COVID-19). However, thanks to the Magic of the Internet, you can still catch the action on pay-per-view.

What’s bagger racing?

Although V-twin cruisers are known for posing, not performance, MotoAmerica organizers put together a short race for baggers at Laguna Seca last year. You can see our initial write-up here.

After that event, MotoAmerica confirmed a five-race bagger class for 2021, and a rival racing series, the Bagger Racing League, also sprouted up, also with five races for 2021. The June 25-27 weekend is the inaugural Bagger Racing League event, and boy, does the schedule look different from a typical superbike weekend.

The Bagger Racing League website lists a cruiser-focused “vendor village” and an Arlen Ness Custom Bike show. There’s also a lot of talk about RV camping, etc., making it sound more like your typical American car race weekend.

As for the actual on-track action, there are Hooligan GP, Big Twin GP, Stunt GP and Bagger GP (the premier class) races.

The race will be streamed through Fite.TV, and will cost viewers $14.99 US. You can see more details at Fite’s website. As for the Bagger Racing League, there’s more information on this startup league here. Far as we’ve heard, nobody is suggesting we start such a series in Canada … at least, not yet. If you’ve got a bagger and a need for speed, you’ll have to be content with track days or CMDRA.

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