Kawasaki updates offroad lineup

2021 Kawasaki KX112. Photo: Kawasaki

Kawasaki’s just taken the wraps off its 2021 offroad motorcycle lineup, and also announced a fourth variation of the KLR650 is coming to Canada this spring.

First up, the KLR: The KLR650 was originally supposed to come in with both ABS and non-ABS versions, and the Adventure version, coming with factory luggage and accessories and ABS as standard.

Not everyone wants the cost or the functionality of ABS, though, especially offroad riders. So, Kawasaki is going to bring in the Adventure sans ABS as well, we’ve just learned. Expect an MSRP in the $9,500-$9,700 range.

As for the rest of the offroad lineup, the MX-focused KX112 is this year’s new machine, an upgrade from the previous 99 cc version. The two-smoker grows to 112 cc and gets a six-speed gearbox, along with re-designed shrouds, a new carb, updated piston profile and port timing, and MX33 tires as standard. The KX85 gets that six-speed gearbox as well, along with the Dunlop MX33 tires.

On the trail bike side, Kawasaki is also bringing the KLX230R S into Canada; this is basically the same as the four-stroke KLX230R playbike, but with a lower seat height, for vertically-challenged riders. Conversely, Kawasaki also plans to sell the KLX140R and KLX110R in taller variants, for riders with more inseam.

So, there’s nothing shocking and new—even the KX112 is an overhaul of a previous design, not a ground-up re-think. However, that’s the story across most manufacturers’ offroad lineups this season, and riders will no doubt be happy to take whatever is available, under the current supply chain crunch. For more details and pricing for all the models and variants, check out Kawasaki.ca.

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