New TMFF Cinema title for May: Leaving Tracks

Canada’s moto-movie-on-demand service TMFF Cinema moves forward this month, adding another title to its online catalog. On May 21, TMFF Cinema added the feature film Leaving Tracks. So what’s it all about?

This month’s new movie tells the story of the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas, home of one of the world’s finest collections of motorcycles, including dozens of customs.

As per TMFF Cinema, “Bobby Haas purchased his first motorcycle at the young age of 64, and he was hooked. Big time! Within the span of the next few years, Bobby went on to accumulate over 230 motorcycles and build the Haas Moto Museum, in Dallas, Texas to showcase them. The museum is arguably the finest motorcycle museum anywhere but what really makes it stand out are the more than 60 avant-garde and truly exceptional custom hand-built motorcycles that Bobby purchased or commissioned from some of the best builders on the planet. In that process, Bobby and the custom builders lives changed forever, finding friendship and healing on their journey.

Leaving Tracks features the rockstars of custom bike builders like Craig Rodsmith, Max Hazan, Kiyo Kiyonaga, Dirk Oehlerking, Christina Sosa, Walt Siegl, Shinya Kimura, and more. But this isn’t a movie about motorcycles, it’s about people. The film is raw and honest, and at times emotional. Pipeburn says it’s ‘the perfect example of how motorcycles can bind people together like family and can help heal old wounds.’ “

Leaving Tracks won Best Documentary Feature at the New York International Film Awards and the Oniros Film Awards.

You can see the film’s trailer above. To rent it, head over to the TMFF Cinema website.

UPDATE: TMFF Cinema’s just sent out an email saying it’s hosting a live conversation with Bobby Haas, of the Haas Moto Museum, tonight! (May 25, 2021). See below:

The Executive Producer and Haas Moto Museum founder joins Festival Director Caius Tenche for a live conversation to talk about his film LEAVING TRACKS, and his journey from financier to National Geographic published photographer, motorcycle museum founder, curator and patron of the custom motorcycle industry, DGR 2021 Ambassador, and now filmmaker.

FREE to watch on YouTube, Facebook, and TMFF Cinema. If you’re watching from YouTube or Facebook, please join our conversation with your comments or questions for Bobby.


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