Piaggio MP3 400 HPE: More horsepower for this tilting three-wheeler

Photo: Piaggio

The Piaggio MP3 line gets an update for 2021, with the MP3 350 HPE growing up. Now it’s the MP3 400 HPE, with a bigger engine, resulting in more horsepower.

The previous 350 model made about 30 hp, and it wasn’t Euro5-legal. The new 400 model makes 35 hp, and it meets the latest European emissions standards. Max torque rises to 27.8 lb-ft thanks to the big-bore job and revised valve timing.

There are other advantages to the new 399 cc liquid-cooled SOHC single. Vibration is reduced (partly thanks to a lighter piston), and the engine is supposed to run cooler, too. That’s a bonus in stop-and-go city traffic, and that’s where this scooter is made to run.

Twist-and-go throttle is standard, of course.

Piaggio says there’s enough underseat storage for two helmets, and passenger comfort is supposed to be improved too, so there’s no reason not to bring along a pillion.

Three-channel ABS and LED lights are standard, along with Piaggio’s MIA app, which ties your mobile device to the bike via Bluetooth. All very modern stuff, except for the LCD dash.

Will the new scoot come to Canada? Hard to say, but at this point, only the 500 version appears on Piaggio’s North American website. The Piaggio Group often has a lag getting products to Canada, though, so maybe just give it time. You can get the scooter’s full details off the Italian website, if you feel like messing around with Google Translate.

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