New Brunswick rider blasted through border, US authorities allege

A New Brunswick man is supposedly in a lot of trouble … a lot of trouble … after an incident in the first week of May. Authorities allege the 27-year-old rider blasted through the Canada-US line into Maine without stopping for the Border Patrol, and led police on a wild chase down the highway before coming to a stop in town.

The incident started in at the Houlton, Maine border crossing. According to the Border Patrol, 27-year-old Jeremy Richard rode his motorcycle through the border and did not stop. That’s a bad idea at any time, but especially during a coronavirus pandemic that has strengthened border controls almost everywhere.

The Border patrol alerted local police, who began chasing the fleeing motorcyclist down highway I-95. According to authorities, the chase hit speeds as high as 240 km/h during the chase. Police even used a Forest Service helicopter to keep an eye on the bike during the pursuit.

Eventually, police say the bike exited the highway and hit the streets of Millinocket, continuing to evade the police until eventually coming to a stop. Why did the chase end? Maybe the bike ran out of gas, or perhaps riding at triple-digit speeds in early April took its hypothermic toll.

The end result: The authorities say Richard was turned over to the Border Patrol, and he faces a long list of charges: criminal speeding, reckless conduct, eluding, failure to stop for law enforcement, and driving to endanger.

Remember, none of these charges have been proved in court.


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