UPDATE: Honda announces plans for electric bikes, safety features

Update: We’ve had an email from Honda saying the plans to go to all-electric vehicle sales does not include motorcycles—”The global Honda EV target of 40% by 2030, 80% by 2035 and 100% by 2040, applies to automobile (cars and trucks) only.”

However, while Honda doesn’t plan to completely move away from gasoline-powered bikes, it’s working hard on battery-powered motorcycle plans. “As part of our continued evolution towards the electrification of our global fleet, Honda will introduce three new EV models in the area of personal use, in classes with engine sizes of below 50cc and below 125cc by 2024.” We’ve already seen such vehicles sold in Japan, and Honda’s now part of that global moto manufacturer consortium that’s working on swappable electric bike batteries. Good news indeed!

Honda is planning to move its automobile sales to 100 percent electric by 2040, with increased electric two-wheeler sales as well. A secondary objective for the same timeframe is to reduce traffic collision fatalities to zero.

Big plans, indeed. Honda’s working on a couple of moves to make this happen. First off, Honda says it’s working on new EV models based on its e:Architecture technology developed in India. We should start seeing these machines in 2024, although it’s not clear if we’ll see motorcycles involved in those products e: Architecture machines, Honda does say it’s working on three new EV scooters by 2024, equivalent to 50-125 cc scooters.

What about the goal of zero traffic collision fatalities? According to Honda’s press release, the company will “add omnidirectional ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) to Honda Sensing™ technologies, to all new automobile models by 2030, striving for zero auto and motorcycle collision fatalities involving Honda products globally by 2050.” Expect to see safety tech ramped up on motorcycles as part of this plan.

It’s a fascinating look into the future, as Honda’s usually very tight-lipped about its plans. We’ve seen the start of movement into these technologies, and now we have a timeline. Even that, in itself, doesn’t mean much; Honda could revise its plans. The timelines mentioned seem reasonable, though, so this announcement could very well be the beginning of a new era of motoring, and motorcycling.

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