For National Film Day, watch How To Be Deadly for free!

It’s April 21, and in Canada, that means it’s National Film Day. And that means TMFF Cinema is screening a moto film, for free!

TMFF Cinema is the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival’s video-on-demand service. The Festival launched this online service last week (see that write-up here). The Festival has been showing films online for about a year now, since COVID-19 made it basically impossible to have in-person screenings, and the 2020 festival ran entirely online.

Now, with TMFF Cinema, you can watch any film in the Festival’s catalogue at any time; for most of those films, there’s a fee, but today, you can watch How to Be Deadly for free! A quick summary of the film: “On the eve of the biggest dirt bike competition of the year, alpha underdog and working-class hero, Donnie Dumphy cashes his welfare cheque, loses the love of his life Brenda, almost drowns, performs at the biggest party in town and sleeps with his social worker.

The screening starts at 7:30 PM Eastern (did we already mention tickets are free?), and if you tune in late, you’ll miss part of the film so be on time. After the film there’s a Q&A with filmmaker Nik Sexton, along with Nik Sexton, Leon Parsons (Donnie Dumphy) and Gina Squires (Brenda). For more details, head over to the TMFF website! Trailer below!

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