Triumph Street Scrambler: Minor updates keep this model going through 2022

Photo: Triumph

Triumph is moving the Street Scrambler forward through 2022 with a model update, but the new bike won’t look terribly different. Much of the machine is the same as the current model, but the most importantly, the bike is now Euro5-legal.

It seems Triumph managed to update the Street Scrambler’s emissions without expensive internal changes. The electronic engine management system is updated, and the dual high-pipe exhaust gets a new secondary catalyst, but the 270-degree 900 cc parallel twin itself doesn’t get a refined top end. That’s usually the case with these emissions-updated machines.

The exhaust system has a secondary catalyst to help meet Euro5 emissions. Photo: Triumph

As well, Triumph kept peak horsepower and torque almost the same, and at the same rpm. The bike makes 65 hp at 7,250 rpm and 59 pound-feet of torque at 3,250 rpm, which is nearly identical to the previous model. It’s still a cheap engine to maintain (16,000 km between oil changes, 32,000 km between valve adjustments).

Triumph also gave the Street Scrambler a mild makeover, with new racer-style numberplates, a heel guard, new seat cover, new headlight brackets, and new throttle body covers.

Same old preload-adjustable dual shocks in back. Photo: Triumph

The non-adjustable front suspension with single disc brake remains unchanged, as does the dual-shock rear suspension with single disc brake. There’s still a combined analogue/LCD speedo assembly (with no plans in the near future for TFT). Triumph didn’t put an IMU on the bike either, but traction control and ABS are included, managed through the riding modes (Road, Rain, Off-Road).

Seat height is a very manageable 790 mm, and the bike weighs 223 kg. Spoked 19-inch front and 17-inch wheels are standard (not tubeless

Note the running gear is all basically the same for 2021 (This is technically a 2022 model, though). Photo: Triumph

Triumph has a long list of factory accessories available for this bike, including soft bags, engine guards, adjustable levers, and dozens of similar farkles. More than 80 percent of Street Scramblers end up with factory accessories installed, says Triumph.

If you want to buy a pre-farkled machine you can pay a little extra for the Street Scrambler Sandstorm edition. Along with its model-specific paint job, the Sandstorm also comes with high-mount front fender, a wire headlight guard, skid plate, retro-looking rubber knee pads, and a fender eliminator kit. This machine is aimed to look like an old-school Triumph desert sled, but since it’s running on the same suspension and tires (Metzeler Tourances) as the standard bike, it seems it’s still more for show than off-road go.

Here’s the Sandstorm model, pre-farkled from the factory. Photo: Triumph

Only 775 of the Sandstorm bikes will be made, and it will be available in Canada for $13,300 starting in May. The standard Street Scrambler is available starting in June, priced at $12,450.

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